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Development Programme

Comprehensive programme for financial leaders aimed at developing strategic competencies that are critical for growing enterprise value

Dear Sir or Madam,

The role of financial leaders is changing.

Growing complexity, internationalization of markets and the emergence of new disruptive business models force changes in the roles and responsibilities of financial executives within their organizations. Finance directors are becoming key players in the strategic management process and strategy execution. They undertake and are involved in activities that go far beyond their traditional financial domain, which requires their transformation from financial controllers into business strategists strongly focused on value creation.

We would like to personally invite Polish leaders participate in this new exciting programme aimed at not only updating their financial skills but also at improving their understanding of two critical roles: as strategist and as leader.

Prof. Theo Vermaelen

INSEAD The Business School
Of The World

Dr Witold Jankowski

ICAN Institute
Publisher of HBRP

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The CFOs Changing Role:
Growing Challenges and Opportunities

New turbulent and uncertain markets make the traditional CFOs tasks more dificult. At the same time, the best CFOs expand their role. This creates new exiting opportunities.

Thus, CFOs ARE MORE LIKELY to secure the coveted CEO position thanks to changes in the internal and external business environment, according to a new survey. The scope of CFO responsibilities today often also encompasses regulatory affairs, the compliance realm and a company's agenda. By setting up their finance departments to add strategic value to the organization, the role of CFO has been transformed to become a true business partner and co-pilot of the enterprise. It is only natural that they have therefore become much more likely candidates for the CEO position along the way. Prominent examples of CFO-to-CEO transitions include Ian Livingston (formerly BT Group), Joe Kaeser (Siemens), Frédéric Oudéa (Société Générale) and Kurt Bock (BASF).

The most comprehensive programme for CFOs who want to play a key role in growing their company’s value

Practical skills that will help you to become a more effective leader

The most comprehensive development programme for modern CFOs

A comprehensive development programme covering three complementary areas that impact value generation: strategic management and business development, strategic financial management and the soft skills necessary for ecient implementation of strategy.

Module 1

In search of profitable growth

Module 2

Corporate Financial Strategy in Global Markets

Module 3

Successful implementation of strategy

Key members of Faculty

Prof. Theo Vermaelen

Belgium, Professor of Finance

Prof. Massimo Massa

Italy, Professor of Finance

Dr Witold B. Jankowski

Poland/Canada, Editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review Polska and the President of ICAN Institute

Andrzej Jacaszek

Poland, Publisher of Harvard Business Review Polska and Vice-President of the Board, ICAN Institute

Richard Zinoecker

Austria, Managing Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners

Dr Hubert Malinowski

Poland, A doctor of social science, social psychologist, trainer, coach and consultant

Programme designed for progressive financial leaders such as:

Unique combination of programme participants stimulates effective networking

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We Create Business Leaders of Tomorrow

The leading provider of top quality management programmes on the Polish market. For two decades, ICAN Institute has been providing Polish managers with knowledge and practical tools in the area of strategy, marketing, sales and leadership. ICAN’s range of products includes training courses, development programmes, conferences, business events, public ations, books and research. ICAN is the publisher of the Polish edition of Harvard Business Review, the world’s most prestigious management magazine.

Ranked the No.1 business school by the Financial Times in 2016, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas to change lives and to transform organisations. With campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, INSEAD’s reach spans three continents, bringing a global perspective and cultural diversity that is reflected in all aspects of its research and teaching. INSEAD’s programmes generate the highest return on investment in the development of management skills (according to Forbes’ Programme and advisory board) and the CEO’s of Europe’s 12 largest organisations are INSEAD graduates (according to Business Insider UK).

INSEAD is the strategic partner of ICAN Institute in the implementation of the Strategic CFO programme, a programme which blends ICAN’s local knowledge and expertise, with INSEAD’s global perspective.

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Free membership in an exclusive CFO Club

All programme participates receive a free annual membership in an exclusive CFO Club. The mission of the club is to help CFOs play a new role of value creator and strategic leader. Members of the club receive tools and best practices aimed at helping in taking on new challenges. They also participate in an exclusive network of leaders who can share best practices and experiences.

The club is a joint initiative of ICAN Institute and KPMG

Annual benefits of CFO Club membership:

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